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I don't know about the rest of you but server is 24/7 DEAD! I want to play on the E0! Server but can't because no one to play with. The server use to be full 24/7, I couldn't even join the server normally back then, but now, yeah.
well, i tried to intiate today , and it worked.

i invited pj to do 1v1 against me for some time on a popular pub map (2000), and soon enough it fille dup. I quit the game, and 3 hours has passed, and its STILL full

so we just have to initiate it like taht or something
epic// JoHn
I didnt vote.... Yet. I personally think it will take a while for it to get back to what it was. We just need to get people to come back and be regular. Normally, when I come on, Ill check the server to see if anyones on. Normally no one is not. But, to me 1v1 or 2v2 isnt fun. Also, Ive tried just going afk in the server to help it get full, I think meno and fixit were kniving, but I was kicked for being afk....
yeah, i try to get that server full all the time but nobody likes playing 1v1/1v2 for a lil bit. Plus it would be really helpfull if i could run the admin commands to change the map to a more popular map. Noobs don't like cal maps and it seems whenever de_season wins the server clears out
There used to be an issue with de_season on one of the servers a while back where it wouldn't download the map from the server for whatever reason (I think it was something about the de_season.bsp file missing from the server or something like that), so everybody ends up getting kicked and couldn't connect. I got around it by downloading it from fpsbanana and rejoining the server then leaving again (I was the only person that got in) so it would finally switch itself to another map in the cycle, or I would just manually change it to a more popular map.
The server needs MOAR CHEESE!!!!

(Server definitely needs more admin presence to take care of the fagotry that pop up once in a while)
smile.gif thats the way ahura.
QUOTE (Ahura @ Dec 6 2008, 04:47 PM) *
(Server definitely needs more admin presence to take care of the fagotry that pop up once in a while)

I agree with this statement, but because of school and our ages, a lot of us dont have time to stay on the server constantly like other clans do. Our lack of active members also contributes to this too I suppose.
Zee goggles! Dey do nothin
I do my way to watch the server through the steam server list when i'm busy and not able to go on, but when I see unusual crap, I will log on and observe/play and possibly lay the ban hammer on people wink.gif
I think you guys should have more popular maps, reduce the CAL maps like you said, all you need to do it configure Mani Admin to bounce between, de_dust, de_dust2, cs_office, and de_aztec when the server is empty and people should join.
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