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Full Version: Jeep Cherokee Off Roading
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Why is the Jeep Cherokee the best truck for off road? Watch and you will KNOW!!!

epic// JoHn
watching this video, I now see why the tree huggers want to out law the best 4x4 areas. Because of assholes and idiots like them. Thats also littering. Im no hippy tree hugger. But I do enjoy going 4wheelin. Idiots like them are what cause the rest of the 4wheelers to not be able to enjoy kick ass spots. Dont get me wrong, I did somewhat enjoy the video for the first 2 and a half minutes. But then they started mangaling the wheeler and jumping onto those other cars. How much would you bet that they also left that POS jeep there afterwards. They also seemed like amature wheelers doing U-turns on the sides of hills. If that ground is soft, they could tip. But thats another story. Lol sorry for the rant, I just grew up respecting the trails, learned not to make my own, and to leave a camp spot cleaner then when you got there. That video just goes against everything that I was taught.

edit- I also forgot to mention that jeeps are not the best. Suzuki samuris are the best!(IMO, and a few others that I know). That jeep is factory it seemed like, but Ive seen stock samuris do some gnarly shit. Fuckin little box of death is what I see when looking at a sami tho haha. I can definately see why they stopped producing them. Lol
Bunch of faggots that's what they are, also that song sucked. Wanna fight?


I meant the original is better.
I can't say they did or didn't, according to Youtube posters, they are in the UK somewhere, and Jeeps weren't allowed at that spot legally, so I don't know if they left it or not. I think its unfair to say they litter when you have no proof though, yeah I'm sure theres a Jeep side mirror laying on the ground somewhere that they missed but since they dragged all that shit there, and all the trucks they had in the back ground (if you pay attention) they could easily drag it all back out. I personnally like the song a lot but the original is pretty good. I really wish I could go to a Junk Yard and find a running Grand Cherokee because I would like to try everything they did but with a GC to see where they compare. And how is a Sami better? The suspension in the Jeeps Cherokee is one of the strongest ever built for stock, and the engines can take a fucking beating as seen, and the truck can still run if they replace the oil pan and do some minor repairs, unless I missed something.


Are you as stoned as i am right now biggrin.gif
Probably was, not atm though =(
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