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Full Version: Spike's New Server!
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Hey guys been inactive for a while because of work and now my truck is broke =( so I got free time to start my server back up, it's -{KB Smoker's Club|24/7 Dust2 DeathMatch|Boosted HighFPS}- It's cracked of course, (long live DZ!) I had a legit Steam Account with CS:S but it got hijacked so back to cracked CS:S. The IP should be Your all welcome to come play anytime! And I'll have forums up and running as soon as Clinton gives me those hostings!!! tongue.gif
Zee goggles! Dey do nothin
Clinton is Nigeria tongue.gif probably getting blow jobs for $0.25 a pop. That aside, joo server failz
He won't be back until around the 17th

LOL @ goggles

That sucks about your account though.

I'll check it out after I get my PC built (case should be here Monday, if not Tuesday, but I hope it'll get here Monday afternoon after I get off work so I can have the rest of the day and all of Tuesday to play with it).
I want to get the server filled with players just so I can test the hardware performance on my network. I'm using 33 Tick instead of 66 Tick but with the server boosted I couldn't even tell a difference really except when doing bunny hops and trick jumps, but my server can't handle 100 Tick with my bandwidth so I wanted to do a crazy DeathMatch carnage server, when your busy playing in a massive server you don't even use trick jumps really so hopefully people don't complain. I got a new Steam account with CS:S so I'm legit again too!

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